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At Viking Communications, we understand that effective communication is the backbone of any dynamic organization, especially during times of crisis. Our recent collaboration with an extensive hospital communication system in Racine, WI, underscores our commitment to providing reliable and swift communication solutions through our two-way radio rentals. This project highlights how Viking Communications delivers essential communication tools when traditional systems falter.

Client Background

Our client, a prominent hospital system in Racine, WI, has been a valued partner of Viking Communications for several years. Known for its extensive healthcare services, this institution relies on robust communication systems to coordinate its operations effectively.

Service Request and Diagnosis

The hospital encountered a significant challenge when its data network was compromised during a cyber-attack, rendering its Voice over IP (VoIP) phones unreliable. This disruption posed a severe risk to their operational efficiency and safety protocols. Upon being notified about the issue, our team swiftly responded by preparing to deploy an effective alternative communication solution.

On-Site Testing and Repair

Understanding the urgency of the situation, we visited the hospital to deliver over 120 units from our rental fleet, ensuring they had a reliable means of communication. This intervention allowed the hospital staff to maintain critical communications throughout their network, unaffected by the issues plaguing their VoIP system. The deployment of our two-way radios provided a seamless transition, minimizing disruptions to their operations.

Timely Response and Client Satisfaction

From the initial customer call to the on-site setup, our response time was rapid, with the entire process being completed within one business day. The rapid deployment of our rental radios ensured that the hospital staff could continue their essential work without significant communication hindrances.


At Viking Communications, we pride ourselves on providing rapid and reliable communication solutions, especially in critical times. The successful implementation of our two-way radio rentals at the Racine Hospital system is a testament to our dedication to service excellence and client satisfaction. This project strengthened our relationship with the client and reinforced our position as a trusted provider of communication solutions. We are committed to supporting our clients with high-quality, dependable communication tools to help them overcome any challenge.

Feel free to contact us for any communication needs your organization might have. We will ensure your operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.

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