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Security / safety / loss prevention teams and professional two-way communications go hand-in-hand.  When keeping your employees and guests safe, instant and reliable communications are a must.  No time for ringing, digging in your pocket for your smartphone, hitting the answer button, etc.  You need to hear and be heard the first time, every time. Our security two way radios provide you with that.

Police officers uphold law and order through the detection, prevention and investigation of crime
Police woman receiving call on car radio about accident, patrolling with mate

Coordinate effectively

Team coordination is one of the many strong points of professional two-way communications systems.

Intrusion and safety systems can be tied into your professional communications system to allow automatic monitoring of select systems and devices, allowing you to make decisions or give directions to teams.

fast and secure communication

Digital encryption and professional grade audio accessories keep the ambient noise down and keep your security communications private and between necessary personnel. In this way, you will transmit the necessary information to the required personnel.

In an emergency, don’t cause a panic; get control of the situation quickly and discreetly, with your team ready to act.


serious handsome security guard talking by portable radio

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