Benefits of Two-Way Radios for Hotels

Benefits of Two-Way Radios for Hotels

Benefits of Two-Way Radios for Hotels

Any business should care about their customers, and seek to ensure that they are kept happy with a smooth and efficient service. For the hospitality industry, however, that service is particularly critical and there are lots of benefits of Two-Way Radios for Hotels that should be taken into account. Dealing with guests who are looking for comfort, convenience or luxury, having every whim catered for, but being left undisturbed to relax otherwise, hospitality staff are expected to be polite, efficient, semi-invisible, and well-presented when they are seen. 

In order to ensure the comfort of guests and the efficiency of hotel staff is not interrupted or diminished, two-way radios have become one of the greatest tools for workforces. Next, we will talk about some of the benefits that two-way radios can provide you, if your business belongs to the hotel and hospitality branch.

Discreet and professional two-way radio communications 

The stereotypical image of a two-way radio: a bulky black brick, crackling into life to deliver a message, does not sit comfortably in such an environment. However, the up-to-date radio options available to the hospitality industry, and the opportunities presented by the world of two-way radios, make it hard to believe they are not universally found in every hotel, restaurant or venue across the world.

Streamlined solutions in communications for your business

Firstly, replace that “bulky black brick” with a slimline, lightweight radio, neither much bigger than a modern mobile phone, but with the added convenience of a belt clip. Covert and discrete earpieces, possibly connected wirelessly by Bluetooth, mean that staff can receive messages in their ear without nearby guests ever knowing, and with microphone sensitivity making it possible to reply in hushed tones for minimal disturbance while maintaining a sharp and professional appearance.

Other options to look at include the LTE/cellular or Wi-Fi radios utilising different communication platforms to offer connectivity in locations where traditional radio solutions will not work fully but offering the same feature rich functionality of radio.

Added security and efficiency with professional two-way radios

But this lightweight, discrete use of radios is only the tip of the iceberg. Adding a ‘gateway’ can allow integration into alarm systems to enable swift response to a particular part of the building in case of emergency, fast and effective evacuation procedures managed smoothly thanks to instant teamwide communication. RFID tags and wall mounted beacons can allow security guards or housekeeping staff to log their progress around the site as evidence they’ve entered an area of the venue, and if lone working, their safety can be easily monitored.

Increased guest satisfaction with instant communication

With effective and correct use of radios, the hospitality industry can ensure a well-run, smooth operation catering to their guests’ every need, with minimum noticeable impact on the guest experience other than the end result: a comfortable and memorable experience.

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