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Productivity with Two-Way Radios - VCI

Two-Way Radio Efficiency & Return on Investment

Imagine a wireless communications device that doesn’t support social media, doesn’t allow personal phone calls, doesn’t allow Fruit Ninja, Woordle, or whatever the latest game craze is. Not possible? Yes, it is. Two-way radio is the answer to your team communications needs.

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Hearing Safety in the Workplace

Industrial set up or environments such as factories and plants involve the usage of loud machinery and tools. While the hazardous noise coming from this area may not cause immediate damage, exposure to it adds up over time. Learn more about and discover ways to improve workplace hearing safety. Hearing safety is not a joke …

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What is a Two-Way Radio - Viking Communications Wisconsin

What is a Two-Way Radio?

What is Two-Way Radio Communication? The term two-way radio is a technology that allows individuals to keep in contact with each other using radio waves. Each user is given a radio unit that sends and receives audio and data sent over the radio waves. A two-way radio communication system can be as simple as two …

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