Two way radios for hospital and healthcare settings

Healthcare facilities – hospitals in particular – are miniature cities. They have safety (police, fire), janitorial and environmental (DPW), management (executive), food service and, of course, EMS departments. Keeping visitors and patients safe and secure requires the ability to immediately respond, as a team, to the highly dynamic nature of these facilities. Two way radio fits that bill perfectly.

security personnel

Two-way radio systems allow your security and loss prevention personnel to respond quickly and effectively – especially important in the dynamic nature of a hospital or health care facility. Incorporate notifications for panic buttons, access control and patient alerting systems – especially important in memory care and neonatal/birthing centers.

Janitorial / environmental services

Clean healthcare facilities are a must. Dispatch personnel to take care of incidents when they happen. From benign cleaning to biohazards, Viking Communications has equipment that allows your team to communicate.

Food service

Keeping the staff, visitors and, most importantly, patients, fed properly is a daunting task. Add in a city-sized facility and a single, central kitchen and communication between staff members can become quite difficult. Enter two-way radio. Instantly coordinate food delivery and food service workers.

Parking / guest services

Valet services, concierge services, information kiosks – all require up-to-date information to effectively route visitors throughout the hospital. Share instant and current information with the whole team, or between teams, using two-way radios.


We have demonstration equipment available for our products and services and are very excited to meet with you and your team to see how we can improve your organization. Contact Viking Communications, we have been in the business since 1964, always maintaining the consistent goal of helping our clients to communicate more effectively and efficiently. We are locally owned and operated, this allows us to provide professional service in two-way communications systems, with a personal approach for each client.

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