two way radios is care facilities

Essential communications in short and long term care facilities

People and organizations involved in long term care facilities management have a huge task in providing the best quality of life for their residents. Whether independent, assisted, or other living, rehabilitation or other is being provided, the entire care team needs to be in instant communications with each other. Additionally, with staffing and labor shortages, less people have to do more tasks with the same efficiency.

respond to emergencies immediately and entirely

Two things have to happen to respond to an emergency. 1) staff members have to know there is an emergency situation and 2) the response team needs to quickly work together to mitigate the emergency. Two-way radio fits this bill perfectly. Let all, or select members, of your staff receive real-time notification of emergency situations and immediately coordinate and respond to those emergencies, saving time and more.

team members in constant, instant contact

If you’ve read our previous posts, you already understand the benefits of two-way radio communications. The biggest being that you push one button and you talk to your entire team. No dialing a phone number, selecting the right contact or similar. Push the button, talk and you’re heard. Release the button and listen. It’s that simple. No other technology can provide that kind of instant and group communications over a comparatively large area.

monitor alarms and control access to your facility

By simply integrating with your existing alarm and monitoring systems, you can use your two-way radio to hear audible alarms. By installing access control integration, you can not only talk to visitors, but you can unlock and open doors for them – all remotely from your two way radio. Additionally, any computer generated audio alarms can also be sent over your two-way radios.

be available to all staff and visitors

To accommodate staff members without a two-way radio, or visitors, you can integrate your two-way radio system with your onsite phone system. Any phone, connected to the internal phone system, can pick up an extension, dial a special number, and be placed on the two-way radio system, just like had a two-way radio.


We have demonstration equipment available for our products and services and are very excited to meet with you and your team to see how we can improve your organization. Contact Viking Communications, we have been in the business since 1964, always maintaining the consistent goal of helping our clients to communicate more effectively and efficiently. We are locally owned and operated, this allows us to provide professional service in two-way communications systems, with a personal approach for each client.

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