Hytera H-Series Walkie-Talkie and Mobile Radios

New High Performance Products from Hytera

In operation since 1993, Hytera has manufactured some of the most affordable and high-performing two-way radio equipment available. From the early analog models, to the first DMR models to the latest H-Series digital radios, Hytera has always been an innovative force in the wireless communications sector.
Viking Communications, Inc. started representing products manufactured by Hytera in the early 2010s and we haven’t look back since.

Now with the introduction of the H-Series product line, Viking Communications offers our clients industry-leading performance and ultimate system flexibility at an extremely affordable price point.

With RF sensitivity better than 1.5x of competitor’s models, you can realize unparalleled communications range with the H-Series from Hytera.

H-Series Portable Radios (Walkie-Talkies)

Hytera HP602 and HP682 Portable Radios

The HP5/6/7 series portable radios offer and impressive array of features in a very compact and ergonomic package. With battery lives in excess of 20 hours per charge, you can stop worrying about running out of juice during your shift, or even the next shift!

With submersion rating and a non-magnetic speaker standard, you won’t collect metal debris in your radio or experience water intrusion – a significant source of damage and repair cost. Using the AMBE+2™ vocoder and enhanced audio processing, you can filter out background noise and hear with virtually “high fidelity” audio quality.

H-Series Mobile Radios

Hytera HM782 Mobile Radio

Boasting a crystal clear 240×320 2.4″ LCD 18-bit color screen and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you can keep your focus on your rig and keep in constant communications with your team while mobile. 50Watt output power available in select models.

H-Series Repeater

HR1062 Repeater

Extend your communications network far beyond radio-to-radio. Using a repeater will increase your footprint and allow you to bring enhanced functionality to your fleet.

With two talk paths per repeater, you can have two separate channels in use at the same time using DMR technologies. All contained in a 1RU (1.75″ high) package.

From a single repeater system to a full fledged DMR Tier III Trunking system the HR1062 can fit into your organization seamlessly and upgrade with you when the time comes. No more forklift upgrades. Backup battery connection and charging come standard. UHF and VHF models from 5W to 50W RF power.


We have demonstration equipment available for our products and services and are very excited to meet with you and your team to see how we can improve your organization. Contact Viking Communications, we have been in the business since 1964, always maintaining the consistent goal of helping our clients to communicate more effectively and efficiently. We are locally owned and operated, this allows us to provide professional service in two-way communications systems, with a personal approach for each client.

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