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Two-Way Radios Are More Than Just “Push-To-Talk”.

While the greatest benefit of two-way radio use is “collective intelligence” (described in an earlier blog post), two-way radios can be used for more than just simple PTT (push-to-talk) style communications.

Productivity with Two-Way Radios - VCI

Two-Way Radio Efficiency & Return on Investment

Imagine a wireless communications device that doesn’t support social media, doesn’t allow personal phone calls, doesn’t allow Fruit Ninja, Woordle, or whatever the latest game craze is. Not possible? Yes, it is. Two-way radio is the answer to your team communications needs.

How Two-Way Radios Work

Two-way radios, when deployed correctly, can transform a business, campus, industry or agency. With this one solution you can solve countless communications and safety problems and address issues with collaboration and productivity. Here, we take a closer look at this communications solution and provide answers to help your teams understand how two-way radios work and …

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Two-Way Radios Boost your Business

Two-way radios are not just fun walkie-talkies for family vacations… We’re here to shatter your two-way radio illusions! Do you think two-way radios are only good for hiking, camping or small businesses? Think again. If you want to know more about two-way radios, get in touch with Viking Communications, the largest two-way radio dealer in …

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